Tuesday, March 7, 2017

News of Schools in Abu Dhabi


The school is built for about 540 pupils in the 1st and 2nd grade; it launched 609 school pupils first to seventh grade. The school immediately after coming into the building amaze unusual architectural culture. The main building is dominated by a huge hall with tropical plants. On this part of the building followed by other pavilions - a pavilion with two gyms and a pavilion for leisure.

The best nursery in Abu Dhabi, which is designed, never had pupils need, until now essentially been educated a generation of students, most students are educated here. Their number was 938, and it was necessary to barter and to teach. At least children attended the school in 1994 when the number of pupils matched the number for which the school is built. Although it has been some time talking about the demographic decline curve, currently in school educates about 720 students in 27 classes.

The nurseries in Abu Dhabi during their work on the estate got the name of the activities offered and activities. Students participate in competitions and the Olympics, which occupy the top places often. Field of education supplemented sporting and cultural activities, the school offers a wide range of leisure activities, organizing school trips, ski courses, excursions.

In education, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi special care for pupils with learning disabilities. These pupils are enrolled in mainstream classes and can work in several re-educational groups under the supervision of experts. Closely cooperate with CDP Abu Dhabi where pupils attend the meetings and seminars focusing on communication issues of drugs, healthy lifestyles, and relationships.

The students and their teachers prepare an annual cultural performances for parents, and the public themselves are involved in the decoration of schools in their creative work. The nursery school runs a school parliament as a tool for communication between students and teachers, the pupils themselves come up with ideas on organizing their own activities.

The tradition became solemn inclusion of pupils in first class as well as the ceremonial decommissioning of 9th graders on the occasion of completion of compulsory schooling. Among the many years of school events and very popular for pupils, parents and the general public is organizing the different fair.

The school is an organism rich in activities and activities about which you could write a lot. School life is influenced by external and internal stimuli and undergoing many changes. The true impact of all school activities will immediately recognize, education and training is a long process that brings partial success, but the impact is only in the future as the success of graduates in the next life.

We use modern technology

We use ICT to support teaching and integration of students - foreigners. Improve the technical equipment for teaching foreign languages (updating the software of classrooms). Preschool of modern technology (interactive whiteboard, projection screen, and projector in every classroom + PC equipped computer classrooms tablets). School websites, we equipped mobile applications.

Develop literacy and financial literacy

Develop communicative competence in literacy and non-formal education for pupils through a visit to the Khalifa city and libraries. Students can also use the online library, where you can choose your book. We emphasize the education of students in financial literacy.

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